Fan made character concept for the game APEX Legends. Photo textures, paintover and 3D. (2019)
In game mockup
Jammed victim example
Website mockup
Some initial thumbnails
Helmet designs
I did a bunch of different poses for the website-styled art, came down to these two shown - personally preferred the "shrug" one but felt too close to an already existing character.
Quick character exploration during different settings for a game project*. Using photos and paintover to make it as quick as possible. (2019)
Swedish folklore / Early 20th century
Late 19th century London
Edo Japan period
Some characters made for how the police and thugs could've looked like if the game "The Divison" was based in Malmö, Sweden. Photobashing and paintover. (2019)
Two of the character concepts I made for my final school project (2018).
Fan made concept on how Hel, the daughter of Loki, could've looked like if she were present in the recent God of War game. (2018)
Character turntable
Parts of my process
*Unable to show more since the game is still under development.
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