Main character outfit made for game project 7 at The Game Assembly set in Sweden.

Outfit made in Marvelous Designer, shoes and hat sigil made in Zbrush. Textures made in Substance Painter and Substance Designer. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4. Texture presented in 4k resolution, optimized for 2k. Floor texture from textures.com

Project time: 2 weeks full time, 2 weeks half time.




The text/logo patch were made in Substance Designer, after the material were made I got inspired to make my designer project into a patch generator tool to easily generate patches directly in Substance Painter. This tool later made it very easy to add patches to my Military Vest without having to change a whole graph network in Designer for every single patch. The tool contains 32 editable parameters and it's very simple to add more features if need be. Down below is a video showcase on how the tool works and also a breakdown for the logic behind it.

The logic behind the patch tool: The tool accepts a total of 4 values, each value being named with a number. For a perfect result it's preferred to use the exact RGB values for each value. The values are then layered ontop of each other, the larger number the more dominant, for example: Value 4 will always be on top. Each value number can be modified; colors, stitch type, stitch amount etc.